Award-winning Renfrew Group International is a thoughtful organisation skilled in converting ideas into useful and desirable products. For more than 30 years we’ve worked with clients from fresh start-ups to large multinationals, and provided them with specialist teams in product design, medical device and automotive design, ergonomics, and capital goods development.

Our principal asset is our inventiveness – our ability to identify a problem opportunity and match it with a practical solution whether this is a simple derivative or a technologically advanced original development. When coupled with considerable foresight and cross discipline thinking, we guarantee the delivery of intellectual property as part of our response to a specific challenge. (See our patent record) We are also happy to discuss royalty arrangements as part of our terms of engagement.

Renfrew Group often fulfils the role of ideas engine – a focussed group of thinkers with excellent credentials ready to add zest and lateral thinking to a difficult development through brainstorming and product profiling. We are also happy to take responsibility for the delivery of a new concept through development, prototyping, testing and production data generation.