Finalist for Plastic Industry Awards 2011

Plastic Industry Awards 2011Renfrew Group International has been short listed for the Plastic Industry Awards this year under Consumer Product Design category for the development of the Duo Bird Feeder. Westland Horticulture has created the new brand Peckish to promote bird feed and feeders in the Wildlife Market and Renfrew Group International were retained to develop the new product range starting with the feeder. The main objective was to create a new fun style that was easy to clean and refill. Research suggests that birds spread infection one to another when consuming old contaminated food left in conventional feeders each time they
were refilled. The new design is specifically configured to allow for easy dismantling and cleaning prior to re-use.

Mike Phillips, the company’s Design Development Director, added: “We researched the market and took advice from the RSBP. This was invaluable in designing what became a full range of seed feeders, water feeders, peanut feeders, feeding tables, water baths and mounting poles. The fully working prototype of the feeder was extensively tested against the criteria and to ensure manufacturing integrity”. The result is an easy to clean, easy to fill bird feeder, incorporates a pouring spout which ensures less mess and waste is created during the replenishment and use”.

birds feederThe product was launched last December and so far it is selling well without any problems.

This year’s Plastic Industry Awards will be held at London’s Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, Friday 14th October 2011. More than 600 guests are expected to join the finalists on what promises to be a very special occasion.