A brighter way to communicate – Human Machine Interfaces

AR glass for game - Human Machine Interfaces

Opportunities for real Innovation in HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) increase as new enabling technologies become available, but also as existing tech matures.

We’ve worked on the design and engineering of head worn displays and haptic devices for more than 25 years and have witnessed incremental improvements which may soon be delivering to the long awaited wider market.

The advances that make the tech more than just usable, but a pleasure to use, include of course miniaturisation, lightweight, latency, graphics resolution and speed.

Even 1/1000 sec latency can make the user feel motion sickness. Instantaneous, near zero latency may be around the corner with event cameras for example, but for now as ever, the most impact on user experience can be made by maximising the potential for current technology through Innovative design and construction, clever integration of control electronics, excellent ergonomics, together with positioning of large and heavy components, weight distribution on the one hand, and delightful graphic interfaces with bulletproof, crystal clear logic on the other.

motorcycle ar glass
ar glass for arial

We’ll be taking part in an event put together by Cambridge Wireless looking at some developments on 25th April at Raspberry Pi, as below.


Senses working overtime – the future of human machine interaction (HMI)

Brought to you by The Future Devices & Technologies Group

In recent years, the rate of progress in human machine interaction (HMI) has been startling. At this event we take a deeper dive into the enabling technology behind this revolution and will aim to plot a course into the future to see how UX design might adapt to these new paradigms.

Speakers include:

  • Rouzet Agaiby – Business Development Manager, FlexEnable
  • Arokia Nathan – Chief Technical Officer, Cambridge Touch Technologies
  • Mike Phillips – Design Development Director, Renfrew Group International
  • James Williamson – Renfrew Group International

Join CW for this exciting event on the afternoon of 25th April at Raspberry Pi, Cambridge!  Tickets are free for CW members / £150 (+VAT) for non-CW members.