From lab to hospital trials – Innovation Delivered

Steritrox Meditrox 100


Renfrew Group innovation teams with Steritrox in development and prototyping of powerful ‘free radical’ vapour hospital sanitiser: Meditrox 100

Fierce competition now demands the swift conversion of new medical concepts into marketable products and this requires the technologist to recruit the help of inventive designers to realise the full potential of the product.

Infection control is a major challenge to hospital administrators and a significant health threat to patients and staff working within the hospital environment. Steritrox Ltd, the leaders in rapid room sanitising and disinfection have developed a system capable of removing airborne and surface borne infection within a hospital room in a timely manner (<1 hour).

Renfrew Group International worked with Steritrox in the design of the Meditrox 100 system providing innovation support: Product design and engineering support rapidly taking technology from lab to market ready product with prototyping and low volume production for testing of products in a clinical environment. Our concepts evolve from tandem thinking, a union of the creative and the technical in a way proven to deliver robust intellectual property.

The Meditrox 100 is a new and innovative UK technology. Safe, fast whole room decontamination designed for ease of use in the clinical environment.

The patented system converts oxygen and water through the science of advanced oxidation into a highly effective biocidal vapour. Unlike other solutions that rely on chemical agents such as hydrogen peroxide and chlorine to perform the decontamination function, Meditrox has developed a patented process that uses a combination of water vapour and ionised oxygen as the primary ingredients.