Lucenxia® Intellis – For kidney patients who wish to undergo dialysis treatment at home

With Industrial design by Renfrew Group International, the Lucenxia® Intellis is an intelligent cycler for nocturnal Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD).

Lucenxia® IntellisThe Intellis is a user friendly APD with many features which automate the therapy process, whilst audibly and visually guiding the patient/user through the set-up and preparation procedures – these will eventually be available in different languages. It also monitors, records and analyzes essential patient data during each treatment, providing almost real-time patient monitoring. Selected data and treatment information can be made available to the attending nurse, the nephrologist or to caregivers – even from a remote location.

With Lucenxia® Intellis, nephrologists will be able to provide better care for patients through better monitoring and prescription, and at the same time increase the number of patients that can be monitored.
The comprehensive Patient Care Management (PCM) system offered by Lucenxia® will not only cater to more patients, relieving pressure on the scarce in-centre treatment resources, but will also improve the consistency and effectiveness of patient compliance and data collection.

The Lucenxia APD will be located at the patient’s home for overnight dialysis while sleeping. A single use cassette and tube set plugs into the main unit, with onscreen instruction to allow the patient to conduct their own dialysis with comfort, convenience, and dignity. The intuitive system contributes to the patient’s peace of mind by communicating the relevant data captured during each dialysis session over a secure internet link, for subsequent analysis and interpretation by healthcare professionals who will intervene when needed.

The design work was conducted over a period of 18months during which continuous liaison with our Malaysian client and their subcontractors maintained a work-pace in line with an ambitious product introduction timeline. During the assignment, RGI produced full manufacturing data which was also used to create RIM moulded prototype parts in the UK.