motorcycle design

Motorcycle Design

Renfrew Group International has been active in the motorcycle design arena for more than 40 years and has worked with major OEM’s, independents and race teams. Our portfolio covers sports bikes, sports tourers, supamotos, trailies, cruisers, retros, customs and race bikes.

Projects begin with a market assessment and briefing before creation of concepts and consumer clinic images. Motorcycle design and engineering can either take a traditional route through full-scale bucks, clay modelling, scanning and A-surface CAD modelling followed by engineering, or by a virtual modelling process where the CAD A and B surface data for production is created without a clay model. We also have engineering partners who assist with chassis, power-train and homologation projects for our clients.

Renfrew Group has also provided successful designs for British manufacturers CCM and Triumph Motorcycles, and designs for HERALD, Dafra motos, Honda, Suzuki and Aprilia.

Triumph Sprint GT

Motorcycle Design Passion

For some people a motorcycle is simply a means of transportation; something you use to commute from A to B. For us, a bike, a car or even a truck is so much more. It is a statement of lifestyle, an object to covet and admire. A car or bike has personality, character and perhaps, even a soul and we enjoy our commitment and interest in the work we do every day. Our passion for motor vehicles is the result of the overriding fervor of a highly trained design team of car and bike enthusiasts.

Form, function and an understanding of the product and processes are the cornerstones of effective design. Good design is a major competitive tool in the battle for market share, and helps strengthen the brand. At Renfrew Group we use the latest technology for design, visualization, virtual reality, modelling and prototyping to create motorcycle designs that sell.

Naked Bike Design

Naked Bike Design

Motard Bike Design

Motard Bike Design

Our Motorcycle Design Services

Conceptual Design

We bring automotive concepts to life. Our team works closely with clients to understand their vision and develop designs that are both innovative and feasible.

Engineering Excellence

Our consultancy boasts state-of-the-art engineering capabilities. We ensure that every design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also technically sound.


With a streamlined design process, we guarantee a faster time-to-market, giving you that vital first-mover advantage.

Custom Solutions

We understand that each client has unique needs. Our team provides bespoke design solutions tailored to meet specific goals and challenges.

From simple sketch to complete product

We are highly flexible and can adapt to suit the working methods, needs and wishes of our clients. We define the assignment, allocate the resources, keep a watchful eye on costs and safeguard quality using established project management tools. No assignment is too large or too small. We can smooth out peaks when the workload is too heavy, we can provide specialist expertise to compliment our clients’ team, and we can undertake complete development assignments from initial concept to finished prototype. In the final analysis it’s our client who decides how they want to use our expertise.

Design tools

We use the latest techniques for free hand drawn, CAD modelling, and CAD generated renderings. Packages include Autodesk Alias, Solidworks, Creo, Pro-engineer and SketchBook Pro as well as Keyshot, Cinema 4D and Photoshop.

Motorcycle assembly techniques

Renfrew Group have considerable experience in the motorcycle product design and engineering of parts for motorcycle as well as automotive assembly. Projects range from one-off mobility scooter prototypes, through batch volume car assembly, also to high volume production motorcycles.


Our automotive design studios total some 3500ft with 3 surface plates and CMMs. Facilities are available for clay modelling in addition to near-net CNC profiling. As a result, models and mock-ups of 15M and more can be accommodated.

Facilities include pattern shop, tool room, paint shop and clean assembly areas. Due to this, we manufacture models, mock-ups and tooling in a variety of materials for RIM, composite and polymer parts.

If you would like to learn more about our motorbike design and development services then please contact us for information.

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