Pictar shown at Photokina, the key event for the international photography and imaging specialist community.


Photokina is the world’s largest and most important ordering event for the international photography and imaging sector.

Miggo approached Renfrew Group International to help develop the style and physical attributes of the Pictar and the way it communicates with the host iPhone. What has resulted is an instantly recognisable retro styled solution inspired by classic camera design that operates at very low power and yet allows the user to access all the controls and settings necessary for enthusiastic, even professional photography ….before they take the picture.

Key features of Pictar include:

– Five user programmable wheels/buttons for full user control.
– Ergonomic grip for one handed use.
– Revolutionary communication between hardware and App via ultrasonic sounds.
– Compatibile with most iPhone models (4-6s and planned support for future models).
– Control over iPhone camera features not possible in the native App.

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