Triumph Sprint ST

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The Triumph Sprint ST, renowned for its fusion of performance, comfort, and versatility, stands as a paragon of modern sport-touring motorcycles. Meticulously engineered and meticulously designed, its aesthetic allure is as compelling as its dynamic capabilities.

The front fascia of the Sprint ST commands attention with its distinctive dual headlights, evoking a sense of purposeful aggression while maintaining an air of sophistication. These lights, not only providing excellent illumination for night-time riding but also accentuating the bike’s assertive demeanor.

The bodywork of the Sprint ST seamlessly integrates form and function, with smooth curves and sharp creases working in harmony to minimize wind resistance while optimizing rider comfort. The ergonomically designed seat ensures long-distance touring is a pleasure rather than a chore, offering support and comfort for extended journeys.

With its larger capacity engine, new chassis and revised suspension, Triumph had a great platform to begin re-inventing the Triumph Sprint ST.

They evolved the design by retaining the essential cues of the original such as the three aperture venting, and the triple element face, whilst also retaining the stance of the original yet creating a smooth, classically proportioned form which would embrace the faithful yet excite the newcomers.

Renfrew Group prepares designs for many motorcycle clients including Triumph. This work includes visuals, initial CAD data, and clay modelling which is carried out in our auto-studio. After sign-off and re-scanning, we create A and B surface CAD data and also supply our clients with prototype RIM bodywork sets and instrument parts through our rapid prototyping division Rapitypes.

Triumph Sprint ST – Project Detail

  • Client: Triumph
  • Date: April 2005
  • Category: Motorcycle
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