Things You Didn’t Know We Did!

Most of the time, we love telling you about our notable work in the medical and automotive industries. Collaborations with medical companies, contributions to global motorcycle brands, the list goes on. We are very proud of all the projects we’ve been a part of and there are a few that we rarely shout about. Not because we love them any less, they are just a little… different!

So without future ado, here are eight things you probably had no idea we were involved in.

Pirates of the Caribbean Toy Cars for DISNEY

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean

We’ve spent many, many years working on cars, so surely tiny scaled cars should be easy? The best thing about this project was the design possibilities – the chance to sketch more than just a car, to incorporate as much of the movie feel as we could.

Skulls, crossbones and treasure chests were all great to include in the design and we had a really great excuse to re-watch the movies, it’s all for research purposes you know!

ToPo® Bottle Top Toy for Willy Johnson


Sticking with the toy theme, next up we have a creation from independent inventor Willy Johnson. Although noted for his accomplishments in TV and computer screen developing, Johnson’s catalogue of inventions began in the 60’s and includes anything from tech, to chaos theory to toys.

The ToPo Bottle Top is designed as a collectable building block that replaces the non-recyclable plastic bottle tops, of which thousands are discarded every day. This toy encourages environmental friendliness, a healthier life style and a fun chance to engage with others who also have the ToPo. What could be better than a free toy with your bottle of water?

Door Furniture for YALE

Yale handles

Now for something a little different… door furniture! Yes, you read correctly, those handles you use to open and close all your doors can also be called furniture. It’s such a sophisticated phrase – “door furniture” – you can easily see why though. Yale wanted designs with a sleek, contemporary feel to them and these ones are the final six! (out of around 100!)

Spots & Stripes Olympic Campaign for CADBURY

RGi got the Ball Rolling for Cadbury

This project is a personal favourite of mine, being fairly new to the company; I have a fresh view on all the projects.

Cadbury (yes, the chocolate people!) enlisted Renfrew Group to create 100 durable, soft balls that each included a GPS tracker. This was for the build up to the London 2012 Olympics, in which Cadbury dropped the 100 balls over Wembley Stadium and encouraged the country to pick them up, snap a selfie and pass them on.

What a great campaign! There’s sporting recognition, competitive spirit and the chance to interact with people you may never have met before.

Homeflow Purestream Sensor for SODACLUB EUROPE

Homeflow Purestream Sensor

Have you ever used a water filter or a Sodastream? Well Sodaclub Europe is part of the SodaStream brand and they approached us to help design a sophisticated integration of a filtration system with an existing product range.

Shower valve for SIRRUS

Sirrus-shower design

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this piece belongs somewhere on a car, it was actually somewhat inspired by the automotive industry. This shower valve is a modern day product designed to be easy to use AND more importantly, easy to install.

Bird Feeder for PECKISH

Peckish - Bird Feeder

Here is another product you probably wouldn’t expect from us, although I hope by this far into this post you are seeing us in a wonderful new light! We collaborated with Peckish to create a new bird feeder, designed to encourage many different species to come and have a snack at their leisure.

Bonus tip: Watch the Peckish bird food advert that accompanies the article, it’s rather endearing.

Bubble Bouncer for TP TOYS

TP Toys

For our last unusual project, we are back into the toy sector! Renfrew assisted globally recognised Great British toy maker Mookie Toys within their TP Toys range. The bubble bouncer needed to be safe and fun for children. There’s nothing we excel more in than innovation, safety and design and the Bubble Bouncer is no exception.

So there you have it, 8 projects you might not have attributed to us in the past. Now you’ll always wonder what else we are capable of!

If you have a project or idea you’d like to develop, give us a call, we’d love to see how we can assist.