Smart Materials for Medical Engineering

Artificial Pancreas

Earlier this month, our Design Development Director Mike Phillips was asked to give a talk locally about Smart Materials for Medical Engineering. Medilink East Midlands hosted the Special Interest Group at BioCity Nottingham.

Designing with a smart, bio-sensitive and reactive material

With the theme of the morning focused on smart materials in medical devices, we were perfectly placed to showcase the unique and innovative work of Professor Joan Taylor (DeMonfort University) and the team here at Renfrew Group (led by MD Bruce Renfrew).

Work began around a decade ago, when DMU and RGi teamed up to work on the artificial pancreas. This innovation could eliminate the need for constant glucose monitoring and multiple daily injections which would be a welcome change to those suffering with diabetes. The smart material within the device reacts directly to the glucose in a patient’s bloodstream. This means that no measurement of blood glucose or calculation of the required dose is necessary, simplifying the device significantly.

Medical Technologies & Systems

Various experts and representatives from Nottingham Trent University also held talks throughout the day, presentation topics included:

• E-Textiles for Medical Applications
• Novel electronic textile sensors for the creation of health monitoring devices
• Design engineering for patient specific healthcare

For more information about the InSmart Artificial Pancreas please visit the case study page here.

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