Solid Dose Micro Injector Design

Nemaura Pharma, a leading private biotech firm specialising in innovative skin drug delivery systems tailored to clinical needs, introduces its latest breakthrough: the Solid Dose Micro Injector devices. These devices boast minimal invasiveness and exceptional cost-effectiveness.

In collaboration with Nemaura, RGi has diligently crafted the design and prototypes for the Solid Dose Micro Injectors.

Our focus has been on creating designs that are not only intuitive and user-friendly but also cater to the needs of sensitive and young users who may be self-administering.

Understanding the importance of user-centered design, particularly for patients with specific profiles, we have prioritized features that enhance uptake and compliance.

We recognise that well-thought-out design can alleviate anxiety associated with self-administration, thus improving the overall experience.


RGi developed a contact surface that has an array of blunted triangular forms which help to distract and reduce the sensation of the needle prick. We also designed the single use mechanism components to be ultra low cost, to automatically inject at the correct force and speed, then to retract to remove risk of needle stick or secondary use.

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