The Technology Transforming Healthcare


New IORMA Webinar : ‘The Technology transforming Healthcare’ | Thursday, 28 January 2021 at 14.00 GMT.

Obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are a ticking timebomb, which together with anti-microbial resistance, hospital acquired infections and an ageing society have long threatened the sustainability of public health services. IORMA’s expert panel will discuss the societal and economic drivers which will determine the future of healthcare technology and its impact on the way we live and work, helping to improve our physical and mental wellbeing.


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Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips. Design Development Director, Renfrew Group International (RGI); Advisory Board Member, IORMA

Michael has been part of the award winning RGi industrial design and engineering team since 2005. Innovating at the interface of design and science, commercialising world leading technologies across sectors including medical devices, automotive, aerospace and consumer products.

Lucia Pannese

Lucia Pannese, CEO, Imaginary s.r.l and Games2Growth

Lucia Pannese is a mathematician by profession. She founded imaginary in 2004 and has been responsible for securing 30 European funded research & innovation projects focusing on a diverse range of applications which include serious games, gamification, virtual reality, particularly for eHealth, training and behavioural change. Her company has received 14 international awards. Lucia is also a co-author of many international publications.

 Dr Ian Campbell

Dr Ian Campbell, Chief Business Officer at medical research charity, LifeArc.

When Ian left Innovate UK as Interim Executive Chair last month his parting words were “Be bold. Be disruptive. Be innovative” – IORMA’s mantra! Ian is responsible for LifeArc’s business development and partnerships – a key component in its purpose of accelerating the translation of life sciences innovation into benefits for patients. Prior to Innovate UK, Ian was Chief Executive of Arquer Diagnostics, a company developing and commercialising immunoassay tests for cancers of the urogenital tract. A graduate of the University of Glasgow, Ian holds a PhD in Biochemistry.

Dr. Faz Chowdhury

Dr. Faz Chowdhury, Chief Executive Officer, Nemaura Medical Inc.

Dr Chowdhury is the founder of Nemaura Pharma limited and Nemaura Medical Inc., (Nasdaq: NMRD). He has served as CEO and chair of the board of Nemaura Medical Inc., since 2013. Dr Chowdhury has over 20 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical and Medical devices industry, taking products from concept to commercial launch. He is sole inventor of more than 100 granted and pending patents across over 15 technology platforms within the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors and has authored Textbook Chapters on Nano-biosciences for Wiley and Elsevier.

Dr Chowdhury is a regular speaker at international conferences in this field, and serves on the Board of Medilink Midlands, UK. He holds a Masters in Microsystems and Nanotechnology from Cranfield University, UK, and Doctorate from the University of Oxford on nano-medicine and drug delivery.

Dr Leon Eisen

Dr Leon Eisen, Founder and CEO, Oxitone Medical

Dr. Leon Eisen is an inventor, entrepreneur and executive with 15+ years of experience in MedTech. Passionate about transforming home care for people with severe chronic diseases, Leon invented the world’s first FDA-cleared wrist-sensor medical monitor.

Prior to founding Oxitone, he worked in leading medical devices start-ups as an engineer and executive.  Leon is an author of 10 patents & more than 20 publications.

David Wortley

David Wortley, Director, Virtual Conferences, IORMA ; Vice President, International Society of Digital Medicine – MODERATOR

David Wortley is Vice President of the International Society of Digital Medicine. Founder and CEO of 360in360 Immersive Experiences which provides a range of services that use technology to deliver rich interactive environments that engage, educate, inspire and influence, including virtual conferences, webinars and interactive virtual tours based on 360degree panoramic images and videos.

Throughout his career, David has been a forefront pioneer in applying converging and emerging technologies for business and societal development. As the Founding Director of the Serious Games Institute (SGI) at Coventry University since 2006, he swiftly established SGI as a global brand and thought leader within four years.

Discussion Topics


  • Prior to COVID-19, what have the underlying healthcare challenges been and how were they affecting society and the economy?
  • Prior to COVID-19, what were the drivers for healthcare technology developments and what type of solutions were under development?
  • COVID-19’s impact on the advancement and application of technology in public healthcare, society, and economic protection.
  • Is preventative healthcare anticipated to significantly drive future technology development, and what types of solutions may emerge?
  • Compliance has been a major problem in tackling many healthcare issues, how can technology be used to tackle such issues and what are the benefits of strategies such as technology-enabled gamification?
  • What healthcare technologies should the UK focus on in the current and likely future climate?
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New IORMA Webinar : ‘The Technology transforming Healthcare’ | Thursday, 28 January 2021 at 14.00 GMT.