Thinking positively…

It seems to us that from a purely work perspective, individuals in organisations under lockdown can be divided into two camps; those who are busier than ever and those who for the moment have more time on their hands than usual. Both can be viewed by thinking positively in our view.

Medical product design

The pause in daily activity is allowing some to take a step back and carry out more strategic thinking, planning for the future and to consider how to approach the return to action with renewed vigour. How might innovation be directed right now to develop better technologies, products and services? How can this be done in a way that’s more sustainable, both for business and the planet’s resources? Can we create new product road maps which plot a clear route to new technologies and products that the market actually needs?

With innovation planning and a clear new product road map, supported by viable concept solutions, the future can be brighter… 

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Covid 19 has similarly led to new thinking and approaches in rapid product development, planning and funding for technologies and R&D.

The KTN has produced a useful summary of some of these which can be found here:

and UKRI here:


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