This AI Life: ensuring our future AI works for us

AI Life

3 October 2018 | IET London: Savoy Place

The event brings together leading scientists, engineers, opinion-formers, politicians, thought leaders and the media to discuss the changes that AI technology will offer us and how we can make sure it serves our best interests.

Hear from leading figures on the latest tech solutions, visionary speakers from industry and academia, as well as tech entrepreneurs and much more. Engage in thought-provoking debate, case studies, keynotes and discussions that will equip you with the right skills and knowledge to understand the current landscape.

Speakers include:
  • Lord Clement-Jones, Chair of the House of Lords AI Committee
  • Peter Durlach, Nuance
  • Aamir Butt, Tumour Trace
  • Lois Rogers, former Sunday Times Health Editor
  • Jana Eggars, CEO of Nara Logics

Ultimately we want you to share your journey in the space, but also to join the conversation, learn about the latest developments and use your new knowledge and network to build something incredible.

For more information – visit here.

This event is free to attend and registration opens at 8.45am.