electronics design

Electronics Design Services

Electronics Design Services

Renfrew Group International has extensive experience in developing and adapting new technologies for product design. Moreover, our work involves electronics and technology development embedded in the working mechanism or user interface. Additionally, we create systems based on scientific theory and fundamental principles, often modifying materials and production processes.

As an electronics design services company, we devise electronic systems exploiting new technologies and create prototypes, either as simulations or hands-on products. Furthermore, when no off-the-shelf solution exists for a problem, we design and develop new hardware to address the core need before finalizing the product.

We excel in developing embedded software using applications like Lab-view, supporting research projects with computer control and data acquisition. Moreover, we have a proven track record in designing fully integrated consumer products. Notably, our recent projects included custom sensors, actuators, microheaters, vaporizers, and special optronics. Additionally, we can develop technology from scratch if needed.

It’s worth mentioning that we’ve contributed to a wealth of valuable intellectual property across various commercialized technology sectors.

Lastly, it’s important to note that Renfrew Group International is accredited to ISO:13485:2016 and ISO:9001:2015, underscoring our commitment to quality and excellence.

Optronics, imaging & illumination

The consultancy has significant experience in the areas of imaging, illumination, and optical instrumentation. Game-changing technologies have already been exploited through new devices manufactured by our clients.

Electronic sensors

Novel sensor development

Sensor development now represents a significant percentage of electronics design development. We offer across a broad range of sensor types including optical, acoustic, electromagnetic, thermal, and flow.

The benefits of an integrated approach

Renfrew Group International brings vast scientific and engineering expertise, including electronics, software, and electro-mechanical development to clients’ projects.

Our in-house team covers electronics design services, embedded software, Lab-view, and mechanical engineering, supporting end-to-end product development.


We work with global organizations, from optronics clients in the USA to research organizations in central Europe, startups in Israel, and educational establishments in the Gulf States. Recent projects include logistics technology, AI-driven medical devices, smart diagnostic systems, image capture devices, and XR personal interactive displays.

Electronics Engineering – The way we work

RGI’s electronics engineering team covers design, board layout, testing, prototyping, and batch manufacturing of PCB’s for all scenarios. Additionally, we can join at any product development stage, from concept to design for manufacture and cost engineering.

Success in product development involves leveraging new technology, materials, or manufacturing processes. By doing so, we excel at transforming concepts into prototypes and working systems, ensuring a speedy market launch.

Moreover, we offer full support from initial ideas to design for manufacture, including assembly nests, test jigs, and packaging fixtures. With our comprehensive range of services, we ensure that your product development journey is seamless and efficient.

Acoustics & Ultrasound

Acoustics and ultrasonics played a significant role in recent projects, yielding valuable intellectual property. This covered quiet products, advanced acoustic sensors, and novel short-range communication systems for our clients.

Electronics laboratory
Oxford Medical Diagnostics

Fluidics & Microfluidics

RGI’s development teams are well-versed in fluid dynamics, from large mass flow systems to microfluidics. We utilize CFD for system design and create practical prototypes to validate results. Our expertise includes fluid handling technologies like pumps, valves, ejectors, pipetting, circuits, and manifolds.

The Detail

We have significant experience in developing products for consumer electronics applications. Moreover, our input is often sought throughout the development cycle, from initial prototyping to initializing volume manufacture in the Far East.

RGI has experience with various technologies, such as PLC’s, SCADA, and Gerber Generation. Additionally, we are proficient in Design for Manufacture, Flex PCB design (including Flex-hybrid), PCB’s (Ceramic, Metallic, Printed), and use design software packages like Altium Designer, Autocad Electrical, and Easy-PC.

Our expertise extends to diverse areas, including microcontroller-based designs, control systems, high voltage, fast digital, analogue, RF, audio, optical, and optronic design. Furthermore, we excel in design for EMC, CE, and UKCE marking, making our design and development offering comprehensive and reliable.

Software Engineering

We work in embedded C and Lab-View, which allows us to develop the firmware to run our electronics and develop human interfaces for PC connectivity and test rigs for example.

Flex PCB design
Electronic circuit design

Cutting Edge Science & Technology

RGI specializes in solving complex problems by merging science with engineering principles to create groundbreaking products. Moreover, our team includes specialists in physical and optical sciences, electronics and technology, software development, systems engineering, and materials science.

Furthermore, our interdisciplinary project teams can be assembled as needed to deliver entire programs or provide specialist input during assignments.

In addition, many of our projects involve fundamental research, technology reviews, or exploring innovative ways to utilize mechanisms and systems. As a result, an oblique approach to R&D generates robust intellectual property, leading to numerous patents for our clients.

Ultimately, technology becomes practical when science is applied to solve specific problems.

Heat sink design

Thermal engineering

Temperature control in macro and microsystems. RGI has experience in temperature regulation in electronics and technology systems and more recently in perishable goods logistics infrastructure. We use the latest software to model the effects but physical prototypes to verify those findings.  


Materials science

The RGI team is experienced in the material properties and criteria for selection across a wide range of applications. Our industry perspective can add significant value to the materials selection process, both in terms of the commercial case and the broader functional requirements standpoint.


Wireless connectivity

Wireless connectivity is now almost derigeur across personal, domestic and commercial products with diagnostics and data sharing access. RGI has wide experience and expertise in wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and MICS and we can advise on spectrum ranges and other criteria for selection and implementation


Autonomous vehicles

RGI has recently embarked on the design and development of Autonomous Vehicles including the engineering, electronics and software design. Included technologies: SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping), LiDAR, omnidirectional vision and motion, IOT/Cloud connected and collision avoidance.

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