Design Awards

Renfrew Group International has more than 40 years experiences in converting ideas into useful and desirable products. We have won awards including Red Dot Design award, International Design Awards, Medilink awards , design museum awards & many more.

We’ve worked with UK and international clients from fresh start-ups to large multinationals, and provided them with specialist teams in product design, medical device and automotive design, ergonomics, and capital goods development.

Renfrew Group often fulfils the role of ideas engine – a focussed group of thinkers with excellent credentials ready to add zest and lateral thinking to a difficult development through brainstorming and product profiling. We are also happy to take responsibility for the delivery of a new concept through development, prototyping, testing and production data generation.

Best barbeque design

Product Design

Our product design services are always characterised by innovation.  We design products that bring joy and engagement.

MedTech design - Radiant Aura Xray therapy machine

Medical & Scientific

We provide our clients with the means to turn their base technology into effective therapies or novel diagnostics.

Diagnostic device engineering

Electronics and Technology

Our work includes electronics development and this is often embedded in the working mechanism or the user interface.

Motard Bike Design

Motorcycle Design

We create outstanding designs, but we also understand the dynamics of motorcycles and can demonstrate this though a series of production bikes.

Automotive and Transport Design

Automotive Design

We understand what makes people choose a vehicle and we also know how to project that all-important marque value as part of the package.

HUD Display Rig

Engineering Solution

Our engineers work hand-in-glove with the creative teams to provide a solid underpinning for manufacturing.