Home Appliances

Home Appliances

Home Appliances Design for the Modern World

In today’s tech-driven world, home appliances are not merely utilitarian devices aimed at accomplishing specific tasks. They are a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, integral to modern living spaces that value efficiency and design harmony. As a leading Product Design Consultancy based in the UK, we specialise in transforming ordinary home appliances into extraordinary elements of everyday life.

Fridge Design Solutions

At Renfrew Group, we understand that a fridge is more than just an appliance. It is an integral part of your home, serving as the cornerstone of your kitchen. Our systematic approach, the Science of Design, aims to revolutionise how you experience refrigeration by merging user-centric and inspirational technologies with exceptional design aesthetics. With our innovative approach, we aspire to create a product that not only serves your needs but enhances your daily life.

home fridge design

Concept development to prototype

Our consultancy collaborates with manufacturers, retailers, and other stakeholders in the home appliance industry to bring our designs to market. We provide end-to-end support from concept development to prototype testing and mass production, ensuring that the final product meets high quality standards.

built in oven

Built-in Oven Design

As a product design consultancy, we ensure our design adheres to the highest standards of safety and performance, respecting the rigorous regulations and expectations of our market. We believe that an oven is not merely an appliance, but a centrepiece of kitchen interaction that brings together form, function, and the joy of gastronomy.

Electric hob concept

In the modern-day kitchen, functionality, aesthetics, and technology converge to create spaces that are both practical and sophisticated. we offer designs that are intuitive, efficient, and visually appealing.

electric hob design
electric flame heater

Electric Flame Heater

In today’s technology-driven world, an Electric Flame Heater is not just a utilitarian device, it’s an emblem of comfort and a work of art. Our heating solution perfect blend of aesthetics, efficiency, and safety.

The design also creates the comforting illusion of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, imbuing your home with a warm and inviting ambience.

Home Smart Charger

The Smart Charger design will enable electric vehicles to be charged during off-peak hours, thereby easing pressure on the electricity grid as well as allowing drivers to take advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity.

Smart Charger

Smart-enabled Electric Heaters

The OVO Heat Dynamo, an internet-connected smart switch that can be retrofitted to electric storage heaters. It allows users to control the level of heat they want, when they want it via OVO’s Smart Heat Customer App, while reducing their electricity bills by as much as 30% and providing balancing services to the electricity grid.

Heat Dynamo 3
smart electric heaters

Foodbox Storage

The rise of e-commerce for groceries in the UK has paved the way for increased home delivery options, but most require homeowners to be present during a specified few hours delivery timeframe. To remedy this constraint, RenfrewGroup has engineered an energy-efficient home delivery locker that provides a dependable solution for unattended grocery deliveries. This cutting-edge cabinet offers segregated compartments for frozen, chilled, and room-temperature items, ensuring that groceries remain in optimal condition even if the homeowner is away.

supermarket shopbox storage
supermarket shopbox storage

Key Features of Our Design Services

User-Centric Design

Understanding your target audience is at the core of our design philosophy. We believe that a successful product is one that resonates with the consumers on a functional and emotional level.

Technical Proficiency

Our team of engineers work seamlessly with our designers to ensure that the product is not just visually appealing but also mechanically sound.


With a streamlined design process, we guarantee a faster time-to-market, giving you that vital first-mover advantage.


Through iterative design and robust testing, we aim to optimise production costs, offering you the highest quality design solutions at competitive prices.

Discover how we can help you achieve your goals.