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Elegance Meets Functionality

In a world increasingly confined to indoor spaces, the value of garden and outdoor areas has never been more pronounced. The outdoors provides a sanctuary, a place for respite and rejuvenation. As the leading product design consultancy in this area, we understand that garden and outdoor product is not merely about aesthetics; it is a fine balance between functionality, sustainability, and visual appeal.

Lawn mower solution

Toro DH220 Tractor

We integrate the latest advancements in ergonomic design to ensure our lawnmowers provide maximum comfort and minimise strain during operation. Advanced materials are selected for durability and to decrease the overall weight, making manoeuvrability a key feature of our products.

Toro DH220 Tractor

Toro Electric Lawn Mower

Our design philosophy is centred around three core principles: efficiency, reliability, and user-centricity. We believe that a lawnmower should not only perform to the highest standards but also encapsulate the ease of use and aesthetic elegance befitting the modern British garden.

electric lawn mower
Outback portable gas BBQ - Trekker

portable gas BBQ

Outback Portable BBQ – Trekker

The Portable BBQ has been thoughtfully engineered to be lightweight and compact, making it effortlessly transportable for picnics, camping, or beach outings. Attention has been paid to every detail to enhance its portability without sacrificing durability or functionality.

The unit boasts a robust construction with premium-grade materials that withstand the rigors of transport and the high temperatures required for impeccable grilling.

Best barbeque design

Gas barbecue solution

Two burner gas BBQ/Grill

Our Gas BBQ is a testament to our commitment to design excellence. The sleek, minimalist aesthetic complements the robust and ergonomic structure, ensuring it is not only a visual centrepiece but also a highly functional piece of culinary equipment.

The compact form factor does not compromise the grilling area, allowing for a generous cooking surface suitable for a wide variety of gastronomic ventures.

barbecue design
Gas bbq

Key Features of Our Garden and Outdoor Design Services

User-Centric Design

Understanding your target audience is at the core of our garden and outdoor design philosophy. We believe that a successful product is one that resonates with the consumers on a functional and emotional level.

Technical Proficiency

Our team of engineers work seamlessly with our designers to ensure that the product is not just visually appealing but also mechanically sound.


With a streamlined design process, we guarantee a faster time-to-market, giving you that vital first-mover advantage.


Through iterative design and robust testing, we aim to optimise production costs, offering you the highest quality design solutions at competitive prices.

ronseal sprayer design

Garden Fence Sprayer

Ronseal Fence Sprayer Design

This fence sprayer redesign makes it exceptionally user-friendly for initiation. All that is required is to attach the motor head securely onto a Ronseal Spray or Brush Tub, and you can commence your task without delay.

Additionally, an alternative option is to employ the provided tub and effortlessly load it with a sprayable fence liquid. Furthermore, the cleaning process for this sprayer has been streamlined for convenience; merely empty the tub, replenish it with clean water, and proceed to spray – a straightforward procedure.

Garden Hose Connector

Hozelock Connector Design

Our design for the Hozelock Garden Hose Connector emphasizes ease of use and durability. The connector features an ergonomic twist-and-lock mechanism, which allows for a seamless and secure connection between the hose and the tap.

Our goal is to enhance user experience by providing a solution that is both practical and efficient, while also addressing common issues faced by garden enthusiasts and professionals alike.

hozelock connector

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