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The Critical importance of Medical Diagnostic Devices

Medical diagnostic devices play a pivotal role in healthcare, assisting physicians in identifying and understanding a patient’s health status. By providing immediate, accurate, and comprehensive information about a patient’s health condition, these devices enable clinicians to make more informed decisions about treatment strategies, resulting in improved patient care.

Medical diagnostic devices
Diagnostic Devices

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Our design team is routinely involved in innovative diagnostic device projects, spanning cutting-edge, cost-effective, self-contained cartridges to the most contemporary IoT-connected diagnostic platforms. Boasting a diverse group of designers, engineers, and scientists, our expertise stretches over several decades, encompassing hands-on experience in point-of-care diagnostics as well as larger-scale laboratory systems.

We collaborate with our partners to create and refine top-tier diagnostic devices, guiding them from the ideation phase right through to production.

Neuro-Critical Care Device

Neuro-Critical Care Device

A standard pupillary exam compares the size and shape of the pupil at rest alongside its responses following eye illumination. This device also compares these metrics under neurological control but captures the precise measurements of the pupil at rest and under illumination. This is then employed to diagnose a number of conditions including traumatic brain injury following head trauma.

Breath Diagnostics

Renfrew Group has recently concluded the developmental phase of an innovative breath diagnostics device. This instrument provides rapid and accurate health assessments through the analysis of volatile organic compounds present in human breath.

Incorporating a user-friendly interface and compact form factor, the device is intended to facilitate easy adoption in medical facilities and offer the potential for home use.

Through meticulous engineering and human-centric design, we have prioritized both functionality and user experience to deliver a product that meets the highest standards of clinical efficacy and operational ease.

Our team remains committed to the iterative process of design improvement, taking into account emerging research and user feedback to continuously refine the product.

diagnostics device
portable breath analysis device

OMD portable breath analysis device

Oxford Medical Diagnostics (OMD), a leading developer of advanced proprietary methods of analysing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in breath, is working with Renfrew Group International (RGi) on the engineering and industrial design of a portable breath analysis device.

The collaboration combines OMD’s scientific research expertise with RGi’s design capabilities to further develop an accurate, low-cost, portable and non-invasive breath analysis platform to identify and monitor certain metabolic and infectious diseases by detecting and measuring VOCs in breath.

De-risking your diagnostic devices

De-risking diagnostic devices involves implementing measures to minimize potential hazards, failures, and inaccuracies during the design, development, and deployment of the device. Ensuring the safety and effectiveness of diagnostic devices is crucial, given the potential impact on patient care.

Diagnostic devices concept all the way to manufacture support

Maximize your product’s potential with our comprehensive manufacturing support. From concept to execution, we specialize in transforming your ideas into reality. Whether you need assistance with specific tasks or the entire process, we’re here to guide you.

Leverage our expertise in producing small batches of drug delivery devices, mechanisms for infection control or multiple assemblies for clinical trials. We manage every detail from part procurement to assembly and testing. Plus, with our ISO13485 certification, you’re ensured a seamless transition to clinical evaluation. Trust in our expertise and speed to advance your projects towards commercialisation.

Diagnostics devices
Diagnostic device engineering

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