Design solution for Radiant Aura Xray therapy machine

Renfrew Group International assists clients with projects ranging from simple reagent strip diagnostics device to laboratory-based PCR processors and from security devices to autonomous mobility vehicles. Radiant Aura is a machine by Xstrahl which provides dual modality treatment for a wide range of skin conditions. The design team at Xstrahl commissioned Renfrew Group to help design and develop the articulated Arm and Head solution’ On completion of the work the team were able to protect 4 unique innovations as part of the design and which are now ‘Patent Pending’.

Radiant Aura radiotherapy system
Radiant Aura Xray therapy machine

Radiation Therapy Machine
for Skin Cancer

Each year, healthcare professionals diagnose millions of people worldwide with non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC). While surgical approaches have historically been the standard treatment, many patients with basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are candidates for electronic brachytherapy and superficial radiation therapy.

Radiation Therapy for Skin Cancer

The Radiant Aura Arm and Head are designed to be extremely stable during positioning and particularly whilst delivering the therapy. RGI used FEA and DFM techniques to provide a design which is lightweight yet torsionally stiff, and which is easy to assemble during manufacture and simple to maintain in the field. Low maintenance extends to cleaning, whilst the control surfaces are intuitive and smooth in action.

Radiation Treatment devices
MedTech design - Radiant Aura Xray therapy machine