Acaris Allergen Detector

A new allergen detector, developed by Cambridge based Acaris Healthcare Solutions is incorporated into an early warning system for both medical and anti-terrorist applications. The handheld device, employs a credit card-sized, single use assay with integral vacuum collection filter, which is used to gather and rapidly test powders and airborne materials.

The Acaris Allergen Detector revolutionizes allergen detection in households and commercial settings. Committed to fostering a healthier and safer environment, this device combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled convenience.

Allergen Detector Design

Allergen detector is designed for use in domestic, and commercial environments, the rapid test system’s initial application was for the detection of household dust mite allergens. With a growing incidence of asthma in the Western World, in which children become sensitised to allergens at an early age, the new system helps concerned parents to detect potential problems within their child’s environment easily and inexpensively.

Project Detail

Acaris Allegen Detector