Steritrox Meditrox 100 – Hospital Disinfection Device

Steritrox Meditrox100
Steritrox Meditrox 100

Renfrew Group innovation teamed up with Steritrox in the development and prototyping of powerful ‘free radical’ vapour hospital disinfection device – Meditrox 100

Infection spread is a major challenge to hospital administrators and a significant health threat to patients and staff working within the hospital environment. Steritrox Ltd, the leaders in rapid room sanitising and disinfection have developed a system capable of removing airborne and surface borne infection within a hospital room in a timely manner .

Hospital Disinfection Device

Renfrew Group International worked with Steritrox in the design of the Meditrox 100 system providing innovation support, product design and engineering support. The company’s expertise in taking technology from lab to market ready product with prototyping and low volume production also includes preparation for testing of products in a clinical environment. Our concepts often evolve from tandem thinking, a union of the creative and the technical in a way proven to deliver robust intellectual property.

The Meditrox 100 is a new and innovative UK technology. Safe, fast hospital decontamination device, designed for ease of use in the clinical environment.

Steritox managing director Peter Townley said: “The bacteria is killed quickly. The process literally breaks open the cell and neuters it. It’s like the cell has been hit by a shotgun pellet. It is completely green, using air and water rather than chemicals.

This will reduce bacteria and infection. Without a doubt this will save a significant number of lives and all you have to do is press a button and walk away.”