Modular Staging Systems

Modular Staging Systems

School Furniture Design

Modular Staging Systems has been designed after many years of acquired knowledge from supplying schools, colleges, churches, community groups and commercial organizations needing versatile, adaptable solutions for de-mountable staging.

Lightweight, strong and compliant with all known Health & Safety requirements.

Modular Staging Systems

Renfrew Group‘s stage design can be used for many different applications from drama teaching and performances, to exhibitions and musical events. Flat and split level stages and stage kits are simply specified. Tiered layouts for audience or choral use in a range of heights with legal step dimensions and incremental interlocking handrails which do not encroach on deck areas are available.

school furniture stage
school furniture
portable staging

Modular Staging Systems is simple to use and manageable enough to be built by children of primary age whilst complying with the highest standards, certificated by FIRA.

Regular Best Birch plywood or Bamboo panels are 750mm wide x 900mm deep. For larger, higher concert stages or for spectator seating indoors or out, laminated panels of 1500mm x 900mm are available, flat, silent and lightweight using the same components fixed to scaffold legs and understructure.

And so we offer two stages in one, with no mismatching or need for different structures or stage types. All components provide easy one man handling.

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