Outback Trekker – Portable BBQ

Outback portable gas BBQ - Trekker

Portable BBQ Design

The Outback Trekker – Portable BBQ design includes a host of thoughtfully considered features that not only make the cooking experience pleasurable, but also ensure cleaning and stowing is a whole lot quicker and simpler too.

Both models offer no less than five cooking surface configurations: Multi-purpose pan stand, dual sided griddle plate/frying pan (Teflon coated), BBQ grill plate and when the lid is flipped over a large capacity wok. In fact most surfaces are dual purpose which minimizes part count and reduces weight.

These cooking surfaces are further enhanced with the inclusion of an integral fat trap which means cleaning the minimum number of parts at the end of a meal. All cooking surfaces nest inside the main housings making a very compact package for stowing away and transporting.

The legs of each product (which are light weight extrusions) assemble together using captive thumbscrews to create a free standing support structure (the V5 model includes a large condiment shelf) which is then ready to accept the main BBQ body.

The V5 model also includes a unique ‘no hands – no hinge’ feature that allows the user to open the lid and leave it open without engaging a complicated hinge mechanism. This further cuts down on weight and increases the product’s portability.

The Outback V5 and V5 light will be available in a range of attractive hard wearing porcelain enameled colours.

Whilst initially designed for camping, caravanning and motor home use, the new V5 range would, with their stunning clean lines and contemporary appearance, look equally good on a patio or apartment veranda.

Outback Bbq Design
bbq design
Outback Trekker - Portable BBQ

Portable BBQ Key features:

Stunning contemporary looks
Versatile multifunctional cooking surface arrangement – 5 surfaces
Enhanced features: Integral fat trap and ‘no hands – no hinge’ lid (V5 only)
Light weight – 17kg and 9kg
Compact stowage size
Optional quick release gas connector

Designed for: Outback UK
Project launch date: Autumn 2012
Project involvement: RGI Industrial design from scratch