The new Pictar smart grip

pictar smart grip
PICTAR Smartphone Camera Grip
Smartphone Camera Grip

Funded through Kickstarter, Pictar Smart Grip is set to revolutionise smartphone photography

While the digital camera incorporated in each new generation of the iPhone has improved dramatically, what has stayed the same since its introduction is the way consumers hold the device and navigate its features and settings. Pictar offers unprecedented control and gives users the ability to take their iPhone photography to a completely new level and transform the way they use it to take photos and video.

Renfrew Group International(RGi) was approached by Miggo to help develop the style and physical attributes of the Pictar smart grip and the way it communicates with the host iPhone.

What has resulted is an instantly recognisable retro solution inspired by classic camera design that operates at very low power and yet allows the user to access all the controls and settings necessary for enthusiastic, even professional photography ….before they take the picture.

The design timeframe was typically quite short but RGI managed to pack all the necessary design and electronics activities into a programme that resulted in a compact product with a unique communication protocol.

Key features of Pictar smart grip include:

– Five user programmable wheels/buttons for full user control.
– Ergonomic grip for one handed use.
– Revolutionary communication between hardware and App via ultrasonic sounds.
– Compatibility with most iPhone models (4-6s and planned support for future models).
– Control over iPhone camera features not possible in the native App.


A powerful, dedicated app featuring patented high-frequency dual tone sound control:

Pictar smart grip is designed to communicate with the iPhone via a dedicated camera app which unlocks key features inaccessible on the native app to iPhone users. Each of the physical controls found on Pictar drive a specific function or setting and does so using high-frequency dual tone sounds.

Each physical control is assigned a specific tone, and with each turn of a dial, press of a button or turn of a wheel, Pictar omits a sound that – when detected by the app – generates a corresponding action.

The high-frequency dual tone (18,500 – 20,000 khz) is inaudible to the human ear and significantly increases battery life when compared to Bluetooth connectivity. Using a standard CR ½ AA battery which is easily found worldwide, miggo estimates 6-8 months of use before the need to replace the power source is required.

The Kickstarter campaign is still live with an introductory price of $90 USD. Full retail availability is slated for December 2016.

Miggo was founded 2013 and develops award-winning camera cases and bags, as well as innovative concepts for carrying and supporting cameras. These products are successfully marketed in over 30 countries around the world.

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