Toro Lawnmower Design

Toro Lawnmower design

For this Toro Lawnmower design project, Renfrew Group partnered with The Technology Partnership to help Toro create a new range of electric gardening products for the European market. Having established the audiences’ perception of the brand, we set about creating unique features and a visual language to express the core message of longevity, robustness, and outdoor credibility.

Our brief required us to develop a niche for a mid to premium brand product with a clutch of USP’s and a conspicuous style. In the European market, competitors were using product innovation and style to great effect however, Toro had a recycling pedigree which was there to be leveraged in the new context.

We soon established that the cutting system innovations would be strong enough to support an entire range of products and so a design language emerged which was an amalgam of style, innovation and of course that all-important attitude. Whilst TTP developed the engineering concepts we prepared visual data and then full scale facsimiles for consumer clinics in France Germany and the UK. On approval we also supplied the entire A surface data for the visible surfaces of the product.

Project Detail: Toro Lawnmower Design

  • Client: Toro
  • Category: Product
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Toro Wheeled Rotary Recycler Lawnmower
Toro Wheeled Rotary Recycler Lawnmower