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London, 18 April 2018 –  at its first-ever Energy Technology Product Showcase, OVO unveiled a range of products that together with its intelligent platform VCharge will form the components of a distributed, vehicle charger system for the future.

The range includes the world’s first widely available, domestic electric vehicle charger system, designed and manufactured in the UK. The charger will accelerate the global transition to electric vehicles and will enable drivers to sell surplus energy from their electric vehicle batteries back to the electricity grid – meaning they may never have to pay to be on the road again.

  • OVO unveiled its breakthrough into energy technology with the launch of a range of revolutionary products with cases designed by RGI. The new products will make up the distributed, domestic energy system of the future.
  • Founder and CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick outlined how OVO is solving future energy challenges using artificial intelligence, technology and years of working with customers to redesign the entire energy system.
  • He introduced OVO’s proprietary platform VCharge, the intelligence behind the new energy system, that remotely connects and coordinates an unlimited number of small-scale household storage devices in real time, with split-second latency and no effort from consumers.
  • He revealed the technology that could solve one of the biggest challenges of integrating electric vehicles onto the grid, with the world’s first widely available domestic bi-directional 6kW OVO vehicle charger system, and the 7kW OVO Smart Charger.
  • Also unveiled at the event was OVO’s Home Energy Storage solution – a powerful battery that could reduce household electricity bills and help balance the grid.

Building an intelligent distributed energy system for the future

OVO CEO and Founder Stephen Fitzpatrick said: “Renewable energy and electric vehicles are perfect partners for the 21st Century. Today we’re launching the world’s first widely available vehicle charger system, helping to solve one of the biggest challenges facing the energy sector. We’re enabling thousands of EV batteries to help balance the grid in times of peak demand, more renewable energy to come onto the system, and households to reduce their electricity bills.

“This is the first step in building the distributed energy system of the future. One that is truly customer centric and built around households and their connected energy storage devices.

“Our completely new approach to energy has been made possible by the convergence of emerging technologies, applying intelligence, and years of working with customers to redesign the entire energy system.”

Smart Charger

The world’s first widely available domestic vehicle charger system

The OVO vehicle charger system is the world’s first widely available domestic bi-directional charger. Using VCharge, this charger will give drivers the option to discharge and sell surplus electricity from their electric vehicle batteries back to the electricity grid, helping to supply energy at times of peak demand. VCharge will also optimise vehicle charging to take advantage of cheaper electricity when it’s available and when there are more renewables in the system. Through their partnership, Nissan and OVO are leading the way with this technology.

In addition, OVO is launching a Smart Charger which, like the vehicle charger system, will enable electric vehicles to be charged during off-peak hours, thereby easing pressure on the electricity grid as well as allowing drivers to take advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity.

One of the first intelligent systems of its kind

An intelligent platform for the future electric grid, VCharge is a highly scalable system that captures the value of flexibility present in all energy resources. It remotely connects distributed flexible electrical devices and aggregates them into a virtual power plant. This connected system reacts as a whole to changes in demand and supply, recognising strain and reacting within a second. By intelligently managing both generation and demand in this way, using VCharge could facilitate more renewable energy generation and supply without the need for costly infrastructure investment.

UK’s first home energy storage product for the mass market

OVO is also announcing its debut in the home battery market with a Home Energy Storage solution. This powerful battery with a custom built control and communications unit will dynamically and proactively manage energy and power use. It will enable everyone to store, use and sell back electricity, whether or not they produce it themselves.

UK’s first smart-enabled electric heaters

The smart electrification of heating is an essential component of decarbonising our energy system. Showcased at the event was the OVO Heat Dynamo, an internet connected smart switch that can be retrofitted to electric storage heaters. It allows users to control the level of heat they want, when they want it via OVO’s Smart Heat Customer App, while reducing their electricity bills by as much as 30% and providing balancing services to the electricity grid.

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