Introducing WallJAM – The smart sports training wall

The Walljam Ball Game Training Aid

Renfrew Group International are happy to announce their involvement in the design engineering and development of the Walljam ball game training Aid Waljam.

Smart sports training wall

Walljam is an integral training wall offering ball rebound and smart technology to enhance individual and group performance whilst also improving  fitness and technique whatever the level of the player. Walljam, acts as a coach, competitor and team mate whilst revolutionising play through repackaging the way sport is taken up and delivered. It is specifically designed to improve a player’s game whilst benchmarking their performance and development.

Walljam can also connect players with others through its online leagues and it keeps track of a player’s scores based on power, accuracy of ball strike and overall performance thereby allowing a payer to set their own Personal Bests and climbing the league table in any given discipline.


1. Catch Net
2. Power Goals
3. 32″ LCD Monitor
4. WallJAM Play Surface
5. Intelligent Target Sensors
6. Target LED’s
7. 17″ Touchscreen
8. Play Surface Markings
9. Wi-Fi (optional)
10. Rubber Wheels (optional)

A variety of games will allow users to upload performance data based on their timed results, be that as an individual or group play. The captured data focuses on accuracy and power of a ball strike, alongside the time it takes to strike a target. The latter is clearly influenced by the speed of a player’s touch, control and movement as well as their ability to strike a target from a distance.

An integrated stopwatch allows the results to be benchmarked, whilst LED lighting highlights which target to hit. These are colour coded and flash green when struck. Impact pressure sensors define accuracy and power.

The wall comes with on-board comms and can be operated via any smart device with the Walljam app through the inbuilt 17inch touchscreen interface.

LED display

The Central display utilises the very latest in LED display technology ensuring clear and easily readable graphics on even the brightest of days. These displays are the same as those used around the pitch on premier football grounds as are also more than capable of withstanding ball impacts and extremes of weather. These displays are many times brighter than conventional LCD/LED monitors and do not suffer from glare issues when viewed in direct sunlight.

Composite panel construction

The main chassis is constructed from a composite material to ensure strength and resistance to impact and but to also be lightweight to aid transportation and assembly. The panel consists of a 28mm polypropylene honeycomb core bonded between 1.5mm GRP woven glass roving skins. This construction makes the panels:

  • Rigid and Structural
  • Impact Resistance
  • Water and Rot proof
  • Resists Acid and Alkalis
  • Easy to Cut and Fabricate
  • Easy to Paint and Glue
  • Easy to Vinyl Wrap