Wolf XT Rechargeable Handlamp

Wolf XT Handlamp Front

Renfrew Group International complete the design and engineering of the new and highly innovative ATEX approved Wolflite XT.

This rechargeable Handlamp exploits advanced technology to deliver excellent performance, robustness, reliability and versatility in the harshest environments. Available in a range of models, the Wolflite XT range offers a range of functional options to suit many applications.

Renfrew Group International worked with the optical designers and matched high-performance LED light sources to deliver outstanding light output from the high-intensity spot beam, switchable to a wide-angle flood on performance models. The design brief called for the most compact and lightweight high-performance ATEX Handlamp that could be achieved.

The design of the torch body has been proven for impact resistance even at sub-zero temperatures; enhanced by the rubber armoured lens ring, handle and side panels giving improved grip and shock protection.

Wolf XT Handlamp

Wolf XT Rechargeable Handlamp

The design of the handy Wolflite XT rechargeable handlamp distinguishes itself through the use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology.

reddot winner

Renfrew Group international are delighted to announce that they have won an award in the “red dot award: product design 2013” competition. The award was given for the Wolf XT Handlamp.

In an evaluation process lasting several days from a jury of 37 international renowned independent experts, the highly innovative Handlamp succeeded in winning against extreme competition to win this coveted award.

wolflite handlamp

“We are very honoured to have received this award for our latest innovative design,” Bruce Renfrew, Managing Director of Design at Renfrew Group. “The new design exploits advanced technology to deliver a robust, reliable and high performance Handlamp solution for the harshest environments”.

The XT Handlamp has been designed for multiple applications and is ATEX and IECEx certified for use in the hazardous areas market, such as offshore oil and gas platforms, on shore refineries, petrochemical plants and emergency services such as fire and rescue organisations throughout Europe and the UK.

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