Renfrew Group and DMU awarded ‘Highly Commended’ at the IET Awards 2014

IET Awards - Artificial Pancreas

Renfrew Group International and De Montfort University awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in both the Healthcare Technologies and Intelligent Systems categories at the IET awards for the InSmart Artificial Pancreas.

The 2014 Innovation Awards ceremony and dinner was held at the Brewery, Chiswell Street, London, on 19 November 2014. Over 500 people attended to share the excitement with the finalists as the winners were announced.

Entries for the IET Healthcare Technologies Innovation Award category were welcomed from academic, industrial, clinical, consulting and service organisations which have developed or demonstrated innovative technology in healthcare enabling technology or applications, or for the innovative use of existing technology in health management for assisted living, with for instance, innovations addressing the aging agenda or global health challenges.

The Intelligent Systems category recognises excellence in the development of ‘intelligent systems’, the new wave of embedded and real-time systems that are typically highly connected, have massive processing power, and perform complex functions that are often safety-critical or mission critical. These systems are found across industry sectors, from automotive, rail, aerospace and defence to energy, healthcare, telecoms and consumer electronics.

The IET awards are an outstanding opportunity to celebrate the role of science, engineering and technology in the pursuit of health and wellbeing in all its manifestations, from a worldwide perspective.

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InSmart Artificial Pancreas