Engineering Design Show at the Ricoh Arena Coventry 21st – 22nd October

Michael Phillips – Design Development Director at Renfrew Group, will be speaking at the popular Engineering Design Show. The show is being held at the Ricoh Arena Coventry 21st –  22nd October.

Michael’s talk titled:  “Engineering in isolation – The battle to control infection“,  is scheduled for 12:15 on the opening day and aims to explore and discuss the use of design in the control of infections and how design and innovation can help us tackle the real and increasing threat of infections including AMR’s, HCAIs and Ebola. Examples of projects designed by Renfrew Group within this field will be also be on show across the two days.

Engineering in isolation – The battle to control infection;

It’s often said that engineers save more lives than doctors. Well it’s time to step up to the plate…

Urgency needs to be created around the threat to humanity posed by emerging infections. The close shave with the recent strain of Ebola and constantly mutating flu’s are but a couple. Vaccines provide incremental protection from these but what about AMR’s?

At present, it is not financially attractive for the Pharma industry to produce alternatives or new antibiotics. So what can design and engineering do to help interrupt the spread of and increase preparedness for the ‘double unknowns’?

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