British Inventors’ Project Shortlist – Featuring the revolutionary artificial pancreas

Revolutionary Artificial Pancreas
InSmart Artificial Pancreas

New for this year, the Gadget Show Live are launching the British Inventors’ Project, an area dedicated to profiling and celebrating innovators and inventors in the UK. This area showcases inventions that are being dreamt up right now,from the slightly strange to the indispensable it will be a celebration of UK inventor.

Revolutionary Artificial Pancreas

This product is currently going through pre-clinical trials. The collaboration of leading practitioners of design (Renfrew Group) and academia (De Montfort University) has resulted in the revolutionary Artificial Pancreas, a device that does not rely on electronic controls to regulate glucose levels in the body, but instead uses a novel polymeric gel to automatically control the delivery of insulin into the peritoneum.

The Artificial Pancreas is an implantable device which could herald the end of multiple insulin injections for sufferers of Type 1 diabetes – a large proportion of which are at risk of over or under medicating with current treatment methods.  “We have reached a critical point in the development of a device which could ultimately immeasurably improve lives,” said Professor Taylor.

With the right funding to continue the successful completion of this device’s study and to undertake pre-clinical trials tests, would mean a significant step forward in the development of an advanced first-generation artificial pancreas.